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For 17 years now, TAHA has joined hands with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, development partners, and the private sector in the efforts toward Horticulture transformation in Tanzania.

We believe, when we ensure access to information and knowledge including the adoption of appropriate technologies, market access, and advocating for business enabling environment, there is a potential of earning up to US$ 3billion per annum through the Horticulture Industry.

Massive achievements have been accrued so far, including increases in yields of fruits and vegetables by 200 – 300%, increase in export earnings from US $ 64 million in 2004 to over US $ 779 million in 2019, instilled appropriate policy reforms for horticulture (over 50 issues addressed), the significant increase in private investment and support to the industry.

We envision seeing constant Horticulture production in Tanzania for domestic and global markets. This calls for tireless efforts to ensure strong collaboration with a range of stakeholders on identifying buyers/off-takers, market standards, and quality requirements, entry approaches as well as market trends.

Dr. Jacqueline Mkindi

Chief Executive Officer -TAHA

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