About Us

The Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) is an apex private sector member based organization that advocates for the growth and competitiveness of the horticultural industry in Tanzania. Since its inception in 2004, TAHA has been an effective voicing platform for producers,traders,exporters and processors of the horticultural products mainly; flowers, fruits, vegetables, horticultural seeds,and spices. The Association safeguards the interest of the private sector and ensures the industry issues are well mainstreamed at the national and international agenda.


"To develop and promote the Horticulture industry in Tanzania to become more profitable, sustainable, and participate more effectively in the development of the country"


"A vibrant, prosperous and sustainable horticultural industry in Tanzania"


To contribute to the national food, nutrition, income and employment security through competitive horticulture production and marketing systems.


Our core values that define how we work to strengthen the Tanzanian horticultural industry by uniting and coordinating the value chain actors under one roof are as follows;

Solidarity, Commitment, Cooperation, communication, Economic orientation, Social and environment development

TAHA’s Strategic activities

As a catalyst for the industry reformation and transformation, TAHA is engaged in a multitude of activities in a bid to achieve its overarching objectives.Specifically, TAHA;

Works to improve the business enabling environment in the industry:

This is mainly achieved through following key activities:

  • Maintaining positive dialogue with the Government of Tanzania, private sector and Development Partners to ensure that there are supportive policy and regulatory frameworks.
  • The above include advancing policy proposals that aim at enhancing trade
  • Mobilizing resources for the industry development programs
Provides technical support services.

TAHA implements a range of technical services to enhance farmers’ capacity to produce safe, and quality products while ensuring consistency/reliable products supply to the markets. Such activities include:

  • Farmers' mobilization and institutional capacity building.
  • Driving innovative farming practices/technologies for improved production and productivity.
  • Facilitating access to innovative and affordable finances and other financial services.
  • Awareness creation and training on nutrition and gender aspects.
Facilitate Markets linkages and Trade

TAHA’s role and responsibility is also to ensure that Tanzania horticulture is well profiled, opportunities are exploited and there is adequate information sharing to facilitate smooth business transaction amongst partners. This among other things involves:

  • Facilitating access to reliable, profitable, equitable and sustainable markets both national, regional and international
  • Provision of industry logistic services such as clearing and forwarding,trucking, cargo consolidation and handling, airfreight bookings and negotiations, etc through its vibrant logistic company TAHAFresh Handling limited.
  • Facilitating compliance to market standards, systems and procedures
  • Branding of TAHA and the industry through various promotion platforms at local, regional and international levels.
  • Ensuring optimal information/communication flow flow inside and outside the industry. TAHA manages an Information System (TIS) in which market prices and other products are delivered to the industry.

Our Membership

The TAHA membership presents to the private sector an effective platform to share knowledge, information and innovations and it also encourages continual development. TAHA has 3 levels of memberships:

  • Comprehensive Members

    These are large scale producers, processors, and exporters of horticultural produce.

  • Allied Members

    These are service providers who support the horticultural industry. They include suppliers of agro-inputs, clearing and forwarding agents, insurance and security, financial institutions, consultancy companies, development projects, etc.

  • Associate Members

    These are small to medium scale farmers, and processors. These join TAHA in their formal entities such as farmers groups, association, and cooperatives.


TAHA believes in the spirit of public and private partnership in realizing its vision and mission. The Association actively engages with government institutions and agencies, Development Partners, Private Sector companies and platforms, regional and international bodies to mention but a few in its strategy to promote inclusive industry growth and sustainability. We strategically position ourselves to identify, manage and retain transformative partnerships.

TAHA Subsidiary companies

TAHAFresh Handling Limited

TAHAFRESH Handling Ltd (TFHL) is a limited liability company owned jointly by the Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) and horticultural investors in Tanzania.

TFHL was established in year 2008 and since then, the company has been providing demand driven logistic services (air and sea freight forwarding, refrigerated trucking, cargo clearing and forwarding) to the horticultural industry investors. The company is handling exports/imports out of the regional international airports i.e Kilimanjaro, Julius Nyerere and Jomo Kenyata respectively. Seafreight services at the regional ports i.e Mombasa and Dar es Salaam is also part of the company’s strategic day to day interventions.

Fresh to Sokoni Ltd

Fresh-to-Sokoni is a horticulture produce distributor in Tanzania operating under the flagship of Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA). The company is committed to provide best quality and diverse horticultural products to consumers in Tanzania. The company also targets regional as well as international markets as its supply niche.