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Molding fresh minds. TAHA CEO one-on-one session with Interns and Volunteers

Posted on 4th Nov | 2020

The TAHA CEO – Dr. Jacquiline Mkindi recently engaged with all the interns and volunteers who had been with TAHA for about 3 months or more for a mentorship talk to shape their career paths. Talking during the session which involved TAHA Human Resource department, 14 interns, and 5 volunteers, Dr.Mkindi emphasized integrity, commitment, dedication, self-driven, and resilience at work as key qualities that nurture upward mobility. Self-respect and networking are as important in a world which is fast becoming a global village requiring tapping into each others’ talents and skills for maximum impact. No individual has monopoly of knowledge and we all depend on one another calling for teamwork and consultation if we have to succeed and deliver quality work. “Your success or failure in life depends on how you manage people around you and how you harness their skills towards a given objective” added Dr. Mkindi. On her part, TAHA HR Manager, Ms. Asia Barnabas advised the interns and volunteers to take advantage of their fresh minds for innovation and creativity in bringing the desired transformation and impact that is on high demand in the contemporary environment. On behalf of other Interns and Volunteers, Amani Aggrey appreciated having a talk session with the TAHA CEO and listening to her road to success, which has encouraged that believe that indeed their dreams are valid.

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