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TAHA to Tap Trade and Investment Opportunities for Tanzania Horticultural products in the UK

Posted on 17th Nov | 2020

TAHA is set to tap into the opportunities and unlock UK markets and investment for horticultural products in collaboration with other key stakeholders within the country and the UK. This was said by TAHA CEO, Dr. Jacquiline Mkindi on 11th November 20202 in Arusha during British High Commissioner to Tanzania, H.E David Concar visit to TAHA. Dr. Mkindi mentioned Chilli as one of the key-value chains that could get to the UK markets and TAHA has started sending Habanero samples to the UK supermarkets and looking forward to sending more of the product when the initial market testing is complete. “We know that the UK is one of the top Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) in Tanzania but we are also aware that UK Investment is mainly directed to manufacturing and mining with much less focus in agriculture and horticulture in particular and so we are see huge opportunities in terms of facilitating foreign direct investment from UK commercial companies to invest in fruits and vegetable processing and export, and as TAHA we are there to provide their soft landing in Tanzania” she added. The British High Commissioner to Tanzania, H.E David Concar applauded TAHA for the impressive story of the Horticulture industry growth in the country. He appreciated TAHA’s important information brief about the Horticulture Industry and how TAHA plays its role in accelerating such tremendous changes in the Sector terming the meeting as an eye-opener. “I had not quite understood, until, I got here and get to hear what you said and your forecasting revenue-earning up to USD 3 billion per annum for the country through horticulture in the next 5 years.” He added.

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