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Posted on 18th Jan | 2021

Following UK’s exit from the EU effective 31 December, 2020, the country has set its regulations for health safety for imported plants and plants health (phytosanitary). According to the information given by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), European regulations are no longer applicable after UK exit and that those importing to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are to abide by regulations set by UK from 1st January, 2021 while the circular indicates that Northern Ireland is still under the EU regulations. These changes are in line with principles set out by the WTO-PSP Agreement and further details can be obtained either from and or inquiring from This communication states that EU sanitary and phytosanitary (P.S.P) area import requirements were and are still applying to imports into Northern Ireland. Notifications made when UK was a member of the EU are now deemed obsolete to UK legislation, but new UK legislation and all-important notifications were directly received by the UK NPPO before 1st January, 2021.There will be a template provided on request on the email above. The notification from the UK-DEFRA said that there will be no changes in operational processes in importing to Great Britain from non-EU countries and that a pre-notification is to continue to be required with verifications being carried out at Border Control Posts as was before. As for the IT system to be used to facilitate the pre-notification of imports of plants and other regulated articles will change from the current PEACH to another system. For now, GB importers will continue to use the existing system until they are directed to register for the new service. “The timing and sequencing of this migration will ensure a smooth and orderly transfer between the systems and will allow sufficient time for exporters to become familiar with the new service. Technical service will be available during and after migration. For any direct importers to Scotland, importers should continue to notify the Scottish Government until the GB-wide IT will be rolled out”, the paper directed. For further details on the UK’s phytosanitary import controls, the information is available on the United Kingdom’s profile on the International Phytosanitary Portal. The communication also directed that, for any questions regarding that letter or the changes being made were to be directed to the UK’s IPPC official over a contact point via

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