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UNDP donates computers to Shepherds School

Posted on 6th May | 2021

The United Nations Development Programme has donated ten computer sets worth 48m/- to Shepherds Secondary School in Arumeru district after being impressed with its gardening projects. The computers were handed over by TAHA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jacqueline Mkindi to the school located in Manyire village, Mlangarine Ward in Arumeru district, Arusha region. “These computers are brought here as gift to school as a result of its gardens project. We continuously supervised the students and as a result they adopted the farming skills which have enabled them to effectively implement the projects,” she pointed out. The CEO further said: “During the UNDP visit in Arusha, TAHA was interested in taking the visitors to the school so that they have firsthand information on how its students were doing well in agriculture. This is where the UNDP Country Representative, Ms Christine Musisi promised to provide computers to the institution so that they could learn more about agricultural issues.” Dr Mkindi noted that TAHA promotes the horticulture industry in the country; however, the horticultural sector is more demanding because it directly touches on the majority of the grassroots first livelihoods, adding: “TAHA focuses on young people who graduate from colleges and those in primary and secondary schools and even those who have never been to college. “TAHA has developed various strategies for students for different schools in the country so that they can fully understand and love the agricultural sector from an early age. “We are motivated and committed to continue providing horticultural skills to several schools, where many young people as these students have demonstrated a great understanding of horticulture issues at such young age.” However, Dr Mkindi commended the school teachers for their hard work, noting that that in tender ages teaches children on how to be self-employed, once they leave school, and saying: “Their continued education would prepare them to be successful agricultural stakeholders in the future.” One of the school students, Kennedy Lomboi thanked TAHA for providing them with the agricultural education, saying that they fully believe that once they come out of school life, they will be self-employed in farms. Equally, he expressed gratitude to UNDP for the donation of the computer sets, stating that they would continue learning various agricultural technologies with the gargets. Commenting, Shepherds Secondary School Manager Ms Lucy Moses applauded TAHA for choosing their institution to be visited by UNDP and pledged to take care of the computers so that they can benefit also others students’ intakes. Elaborating, she urged other schools to visit TAHA and learn how they can help young people to learn different self-employment techniques.

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