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Posted on 9th Jun | 2015

Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) and VECO East Africa Tanzania programme are working together as strategic partners in implementing the Inclusive Modern Markets programme focusing on enabling small holder farmer’s access local and export modern markets for fresh fruit and vegetables, in Arumeru district. The collaboration between VECO and TAHA is part of VECO East Africa Inclusive modern markets programme which aims to create an enabling environment for the inclusion of smallholders farmers in capturing local and export markets. The target client for the TAHA-VECO objective of the collaboration is to support smallholder farmers to organize themselves and build the necessary capacities to consistently meet buyer’s requirements in volumes, quality and standards. Global GAP certification is one of buyers’ requirements for farmers to be able to reach sustainable and markets local and export markets.TAHA and VECO are looking for qualified and experienced GLOBAL GAP expert to carry out global gap training and guide seven groups under MUVIKIHO through the process of global gap certification.

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