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TAHA ends the year 2018 with AGM

Posted on 22nd Jan | 2019

Finally, Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) ended 2018 with great joy by conducting her regular Annual General Meeting (AGM) that took place on the 6th of December at Arusha International Conference Center (AICC). The meeting brought together TAHA members from the areas of her operations in the entire country. In this distinct meeting, members get a chance to discuss various issues that happened throughout the year and also plan for the incoming year. The 2018-year’s AGM also witnessed the election of a new TAHA Board member Mr. James Powell after having outshined his two opponent members to replace the outgoing member Mr. Herald Peters. The meeting joined together to recognize the retired Chairperson for TAHA Finance and Audit Committee (TAFACO) Mr. Nick Stubbs for his incredible contribution on horticultural sector. TAHA Board Chairman Mr. Eric Ng’maryo handed over a certificate of recognition and a trophy to Mr Stubbs for the role he played during his stint in TAHA’s leadership. During the AGM, members engaged in one to one discussion and consultation with the TAHA Board Committee in a determination of the association improvement. Communications between TAHA and members, market accessibility amongst others took the centre stage during the discussion, with members imploring the management to take bold action on the issues raised for TAHA betterment. Membership subscription fee also prominently featured on the deliberations where members had different opinions. One of the members said: "The amount we are paying for the associated category is very low comparing to the services we are getting, one hundred thousand per year is very fair comparing to the profits that we are making. I ask my fellow members to review this fee and at the next meeting we need to improve it to match the current economic situation". The majority of the members supported the argument, but later on, its discussion, had to be postponed until the next AGM. In his closing remarks, TAHA board chairman thanked the TAHA team for their tireless efforts to serve the farmers in all the regions where TAHA operates and assured them that their labors are been recognized and appreciated.

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