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Posted on 6th Feb | 2019

Sustainability is among the TAHA’s top agenda that if implemented will strengthen the institution's operation and bring more efficiency. In that regard, TAHA is already implementing some of the commercial activities including the provision of industry logistics through TAHA Fresh and TAHAGREEN. Understanding the importance of this agenda, USAID sent the advisory team from DALBERG who will work with TAHA to brainstorm on how they can achieve their sustainability agenda. In a spade a spade with TAHA, they will work on the best way they can to fine-tune TAHA's vision and package properly the sustainability plan. The task also will include doing thorough research and come up with the right implementation modules that will help to move forward the agenda. At this point, TAHA is expected to pick the different modules that will provide additional strength and make the organization compatible with the resources that can make her independent and self-sustainable.

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