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Posted on 18th Feb | 2019

In the midst of the week, TAHA was pleased to receive officials from USAID Tanzania for a two days’ visit to the activities in Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions. The delegation was led by Andrew Read (Feed the Future /Agriculture team lead- USAID) who was accompanied by Judith Kitivo (Horticulture Specialist, USAID Economic Growth Office). The delegation from USAID was received by the TAHA CEO Jacqueline Mkindi who was the host of the visit. The team got an opportunity to visit different activities operated by TAHA and the members. Among the visited area during the tour was Kibosho at VASO Agro ventures one of TAHA comprehensive member site that dealing with cut flowers for export. At the VASO the delegates were pleased to see the huge investment made by VASO and the big number of employees in the site, while the majority of them being women. They visited and observed TAHA fresh activities in KIA where they met TAHAFresh General Manager Mr. Amani Temu who showed the different activities at the Kilimanjaro airport. The second day of the visit, delegates spend some time at TAHA headquarters in Arusha, having an interactive session with some of the TAHA employees at the main office. TAHA practical training center located at Nane nane grounds in Njiro was among the catchy for the visitors when they witnessing how different farmers are taught different farming practices. Apart from the application of technology they witnessed the women and youth engagement in horticulture as they met the one Irene Molel a female youth farmer in Lekitatu who invested 7-million in tomato farming and has turned horticulture as her life pillar. TAHA partnership with members was among the very interesting part of the visit as they tour Comprehensive member Rijk Zwaan Afrisem that is a multinational vegetable seed breeder and witnessed some of the activities in one of the biggest vegetable breeding companies in the world. The group of farmers at Imbaseni Maji ya Chai was the last destination of the visit, Here they met farmers in the harvesting stage and witnessed the grading of tomatoes before they are sent to the market.

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