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Posted on 2nd Sep | 2019

We at TAHA, are very glad to share with you the hilarious achievements gotten during the Nane Nane exhibition, as we received three important trophies among the multi- agricultural organizations in the national and the zonal level at the places of exhibitions. Every year TAHA has participated in the nane-nane agricultural fair in various places in the country. The participation has been extending day after day due to t the need of reaching out to more people. As an apex private body that promotes and advocate the horticulture in the country, it has massively achieved a lot in the industry. In 2019, TAHA participated in four nane-nane grounds which are Simiyu(nationally), Arusha- (northern zone), Mwanza- (Lake Zone) and Unguja (islands). In all the places except Unguja, TAHA became victorious in the first runner as the Best private sector dealing with horticulture. We thank so much for your support and cooperation that makes TAHA excel daily.

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