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TAHA Stirs Spirit of Youth Involvement in Horticulture

Posted on 12th Mar | 2020

TAHA has kindled the desire of youth involvement in the horticulture cultivation during the Youth Economic Opportunity in the Agriculture Forum held in Arusha recently. The two-day forum organized by the office of the Prime Minister through the ASDP II program, Ministry of Agriculture and Arusha Regional Commissioner’s office, has attracted several stakeholders in the agriculture value chain to ponder on wide range of issues, particularly youth engagement on horticulture. Speaking during the forum, TAHA’s Programs Manager, Ms Elianchea Shang' a said horticulture is a sleeping economic giant industry waiting for the youth to unleash its potential in order to mitigate unemployment crisis. For instance, Ms Elianchea said that since the establishment of TAHA 2004, hundreds of youth who resolved to engage in horticulture have benefitted from the technical support offered by the association and now are laughing all the way to the bank. In the process, TAHA has been able to transform hundreds of lives of youths through horticulture farming and now an unemployment talk for them has become a history.

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