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TAHA receives soil PH map from the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture.

Posted on 14th Sep | 2020

TAHA has received the current soil PH map for Tanzania from the Ministry of agriculture. This was presented to the Dr. Jacqueline Mkindi, the CEO, TAHA by the permanent secretary, Ministry of agriculture, Mr. Gerald Kusaya in a meeting between the 2 in Arusha that touched on pertinent issues in the agriculture sector and in particular the horticulture Sub-sector. Dr. Mkindi commended the government for supporting the horticulture sub-sector as reflected in the milestones that have been achieved within a short time. At the end of the meeting, the PS presented to TAHA a comprehensive map, illustrating soil pH and soil health across the country. “We had a very constructive dialogue with PS of ministry of agriculture, Mr Gerald Kusaya on development of the horticulture industry and agriculture in general. We thank our PS for offering TAHA a map showing soil pH and soil health in Tanzania. We believe this is in recognition of the role we continue to play in offering technical support to the horticultural industry in Tanzania and we are truly humbled” Dr Mkindi noted. Soil pH is a measure of soil acidity or alkalinity. It is an important indicator of soil health because it affects crop yields, plant nutrient availability, and soil microorganism activity, which influence key soil processes. The pH is important because it influences the uptake of plant nutrients increasing the fertilizer efficiency if it is kept at optimum levels.

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