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UNDP Lauds TAHA for unlocking markets for horticultural crops

Posted on 15th Sep | 2020

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Tanzania mission has commended TAHA for its tireless efforts to increase productivity through the use of technology and extension service provision and unlocking the potential markets for horticultural crops. This was observed during a visit by the Tanzania Resident Representative, Ms. Christine Musisi and her mission to TAHA to witness progress made in a project being funded by the UNDP. Ms. Musisi also went around touring the areas in northern highlands where TAHA is executing the project under UNDP financial support to see and engage beneficiaries on the ground. “Visiting farmers in deep rural areas in northern Tanzania, with UNDP's Resident Representative, Ms. Christine Musisi, offers us a glimpse of hope that our joint Connecting youth and women in horticulture value chain would be a game changer for rural economy” twitted, TAHA Group CEO, Dr Jacqueline Mkindi after the tour. On its part, UNDP- Tanzania, commended TAHA not only for hosting its mission, but also for its diligent leadership in increasing productivity and in unlocking markets for horticultural crops. “Thank you @taha_tanzania for hosting us in Arusha. @undptz commends your tireless efforts in unlocking markets for Tanzanian horticultural farmers” reads the UNDP-Tanzania’s tweet.

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