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Tanzania avocado value chain on the growth trajectory, studies show

Posted on 22nd Sep | 2020

Avocado production in Tanzania is looking bright and likely to spur significant economic growth according to analyses presented on a Webinar session organized by Tanzania Horticulture Association (TAHA), International Trade Center (ICT) and Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TANTRADE) on 15th Sept 2020. This session that brought together over 150 participants to validate the analyses on fresh and processed avocado value chain studies, involved government institutions, producers, exporters, international organizations and researchers. Speaking during the opening of the session, the Chief Executive Officer of TAHA, Dr. Jacqueline Mkindi, highlighted the potential opportunities that can offer a competitive edge to Tanzania avocado value-chain actors in the international markets. ‘‘There is a wide range of products which can be made from the avocado besides the fresh fruit. These products include, oil, paste-guacamole as well as cosmetics. The avocado skin/peel and the leftovers can be used in the production of biogas.’’ She said. The studies covered key issues such as international demand for avocado and the Tanzanian fresh avocado value chain together with the production systems and the dynamics along the production value chain. Sharing the analysis results, one of the key speakers, Mr. Hebron Mwakalinga, the ITC National Consultant noted that, the findings have predicted an increase in value of business in avocado and is expected to hit USD 21.6 billion come 2026 from the estimated USD 13.6 billion in 2018. Dr. Onesmo Shuma, the ITC National Consultant, who was also a key speaker during the Webinar reported that the global avocado oil market, which currently drives the market of avocado value chain is projected to almost double in volume by 2025. The consultant presented that an estimate of 19,676 Tons in 2014 has increased to 24,810 tons in 2018 and projected to hit 37,000 tons in 2025 with North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America as the strategic markets for the avocado oil. ‘‘Strong leadership and discipline are essential if Tanzania is to build a reputation for high quality avocado products. This is key to increase its market share in international arena.’’ He recommended With support of European Union (EU) under the MarkUp Project, TAHA, TanTrade and ITC have worked together to deliver the studies. The aim is to support the avocado value chain and thus helping the country to reach the global market. Avocado production in Tanzania is at 37,781 tonnes according to 2018 estimates but expected to grow significantly in the next few years.

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