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Posted on 30th Sep | 2020

TAHA in collaboration with TRIAS, TAFFA and TAHAfresh facilitated Cross border trade stakeholders meeting for Northen Zone on September 29th in Arusha to discuss existing opportunities, challenges and mitigation strategies in the entire spectrum of cross border components. The meeting that was officiated by Arusha District Commissioner, Mr. Kenani Kihongosi who represented Arusha Regional Commissioner brought together more than 60 representatives from 30 companies and 11 government agencies. In his opening remarks, Mr. Kenani reiterated the Government’s recognition of the significance and contribution of customs agents in the provision of services at borders, ports, as well as airports including facilitating cross border services for the export of agricultural products which is a major contributor to national development. The DC expressed his gratitude to TAHA for diligently performing the task of stakeholder mobilization, coordination, service provision in promoting the industry locally and globally. "We recently witnessed one of TAHA’s success story in partnering with the government and other agencies such as, Kuehne & Nagel, Kilimanjaro Airport Services Company (KADCo) in bringing the Ethiopian Airlines Cargo plane to airlift Tanzania’s fresh and perishable produce when most parts of the world ceased economic activities due to COVID-19”, the DC added. On the other hand, the General Manager, TAHAFresh Ltd., one of TAHA’s commercial wing companies, Mr. Amani Temu emphasized that there is great export opportunity for Tanzania’s produce especially during this period because the country continued producing as opposed to other countries that halted the production following the covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Temu urged stakeholders to use this unique opportunity to boost Tanzania’s product visibility at regional as well as international markets. "I thank the Government of Tanzania for significant improvements in the business environment, especially in handling of the perishable horticultural produce meant for export. These improvements have increased efficiency in refining and reducing farmers’ time and cost when exporting their products.” Said Mr. Temu. Lastly, the President of TAFFA (TANZANIA FREIGHT FORWARDERS ASSOCIATION), Mr. Edward John Urio emphasized the use of existing opportunities in eight countries bordering Tanzania by effectively using these borders to boost Tanzania's economy.

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