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TAHA is dedicated to serving its members professionally, promptly and effectively. It is with this spirit we recruit highly qualified and dedicated professionals with the right skills set, ability to demonstrate high integrity and the right attitudes.

Our recruits go through a comprehensive, competitive and fair process and thorough background checks to enable a secure environment for the Association.

We value our staff and we offer them a competitive salary and a good working environment while ensuring they practice life work balance. Our staff are committed and live our core values ie. Transparency, Respect to all, Accountability, and Customer focused, Timeliness, Sustainability and Inclusiveness.

Staff Testimonies

Jesca Justine
Senior Project Accountant

TAHA has a good leadership that is very proactive and the cooperation among employees is very nice that is matched with good working spirit. I have noticed most of the Senior Managers were junior officers then but they have been sharpened and given a chance to show their skills and talents, which has led them to get promotions. Lastly through working with TAHA have made me witness many farmers who are members of TAHA transform their lives and thus coming out of poverty.

Ndeoya Mungure
Research and Development Officer

Working with TAHA for the past few years has been great given the fact that it has both elements of commercial and development which exposes to different things. TAHA enables to participate in many initiatives and pushes you to be innovative, creative, smart with growth in place but mostly exposure has given me opportunity to work with different donors. The working environment is encouraging to do better and gives you the opportunity to grow.

Loveness Rugiga
Customers’ Relations Officer

I am a young lady who joined TAHA in the year 2016 right from the university (fresh from school), started as a marketing officer and later on became Customer relations officer. What I love the most about TAHA is the opportunities it gives to youth that enables them to grow in their carrier. In my position am enjoying the way I interact with customers, owned with my passion to interact and socialize with people. I have always seen myself in the marketing and customer relations field, I always knew I wanted a career in a field that would be dealing with people. That is what exactly TAHA offered me.

Simon Mlay
Chief Liaison Manager

I have worked in TAHA since March 2017, a little over 3 years. Nothing beats the thrill of being a part of an evolving organization. Seeing the growth and transformation of TAHA and knowing I have had played a part is satisfying. The Management in TAHA, under the purview of Dr. Mkindi is open-minded, transparent, and that makes it all more interesting. Would I recommend someone to joining TAHA? Definitely Yes! In TAHA, you are your only limit and barrier; otherwise, the world is for you to take.