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17 Nov

TAHA to Tap Trade and Investment Opportunities for Tanzania Horticultural products in the UK

17th Nov | 2020

TAHA is set to tap into the opportunities and unlock UK markets and investment for horticultural products in collaboration with other key stakeholders within the country and the UK. This was said by T...

16 Nov

TAHA and TRIAS to Empower More Farmers on Entrepreneurship

16th Nov | 2020

TAHA in partnership with AHA, TRIAS, and other implementing partners conducted a recertification ceremony on 11th November 2020 at TRIAS offices in Arusha to recertify lead farmers, commonly known as ...

04 Nov

Molding fresh minds. TAHA CEO one-on-one session with Interns and Volunteers

4th Nov | 2020

The TAHA CEO – Dr. Jacquiline Mkindi recently engaged with all the interns and volunteers who had been with TAHA for about 3 months or more for a mentorship talk to shape their career paths. Tal...


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